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Driftwood Jewellers

Owned and operated by Helen O’Meagher & Barry Sullivan

Driftwood Jewellers was established in Exmouth Western Australia in September 1999. Helen & Barry having owned and operated a successful jewellery business in Broome for over a decade then made the move to the quiet town of Exmouth. Their challenge to build a business from scratch in an area that didn’t have the same high profile as Broome. With the same dedication to customer service that they provided in Broome that challenge has turned to success. They are now stepping up to the plate by going global with their own online store. With their many years in Broome and the fact that until recently Exmouth had its own pearl farms you will note a concentrated number of South Sea Pearl pieces and Helen & Barry’s knowledge of pearls is exemplary. Years of involvement in the jewellery industry have given Helen & Barry a full and comprehensive history to draw on for your benefit. With a hands on approach you are dealing directly with the owners of the business not an employee of a corporation.

Driftwood Jewellers carry a comprehensive range of South Sea Pearl jewellery, Australian Opal jewellery, Mother of Pearl jewellery, Diamond jewellery, Gemstone and semi precious Gemstone jewellery. We also offer an on site jewellery repair service.

Helen & Barry have pledged to assist in funding satellite tracking for Whaleshark research with a donation of 5% from every sale of our exclusive Whaleshark products i.e. (Whaleshark Jewellery, Watches and Gifts) we are committing ourselves to a year from 2013 to 2014 inclusive. This much needed follow up research will help create a better understanding of the complex life of the famed Whaleshark as an example its eating habits, breeding areas, migration patterns and its life away from the costal observations that are currently undertaken. Your purchase of these products will give you a twofold sense of gain one for your own delight and one for of being part of a greater contribution to scientific research through ECOCEAN Inc a dedicated group creating a full understanding of the Whaleshark. Follow the link


Our mission is to provide the same high level of service & confidence with our online customers as we do in store. We are perfectionists with our own manufactured products and we carry that across to our purchased products from other suppliers.

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