Driftwood Jewellers Workshop

Driftwood Jewellers offers a full range of jewellery repair and remodelling services as well as a design and manufacture service. We will happily quote for your own design or help you design a piece that reflects the item you have in mind.

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Drawings and suggestions made by us remain the property of Driftwood Jewellers and are not to be used without the express permission of Driftwood Jewellers. We reserve the right to rescind our offer if at any time we suspect abuse of our website and or the content that we have provided.

Driftwood Jewellers offers these services on a fair and reasonable expectation that the property and information is yours, and any damage or repairs that are being asked to be quoted on is truly represented by you. We usually need to have the piece in hand to fully explore the damage or loss to find a fixed quote, we can only give an approximate where an image has been emailed or written about.

If you are posting a piece to us please use a signature on delivery post system where your parcel or package can be tracked. We will return post in the same manner.